Carrot Juice is Great For Your Brain and Your Body!

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So what if my two front teeth are a little buck.. that doesn’t mean I like carrots.  Well actually I don’t mind carrots, and I recently found that I don’t mind Carrot Juice either.

This is the brand I get to the right.  0009131_bolthouse-farms-carrot-juiceI’m going to keep carrot juice in my fridge from now on and I’ll tell you why.  I started noticing how I felt in my brain!  I had a lot more mental energy later in the day when I start to fade out.  Not only that, but I was in a better mood, and my speech had improved.  Now before you start thinking that I talk like Rocky or something, I mean that I have to give orders and motivate and speak the whole time I’m training.  I notice that when I’m mentally tired, It’s harder to give energy to my clients with my words.  It’s harder to find the right words when your tired sometimes right?

I noticed such a difference after drinking the juice that I had to look into the matter.  I bought carrot juice in the first place because it is super duper high in Vitamin A!  Vitamin A is known to be great for your skin, teeth, and eyes and I’m noticing improvement in my face.  If you google Vitamin A you will mostly see articles and research on how Vitamin A is good for those things I just mentioned, but nothing about the brain!  Why am I feeling so sharp in the brain?  I decided to do a little research and see if Vitamin A is also good for the brain.  Check this article out, Vitamin A is great for the brain after all!

There has just been a new discovery linking Vitamin A and brain boosting powers!  Now, research is showing that Vitamin A can help improve memory, learning, build strong synapses, clearer thinking and speech, and much more.  Your body can have plenty of energy, but if your brain is tired or not functioning up to par, you will feel lethargic and your life is greatly effected negatively.

Remember, this all came about because I noticed a huge difference in how I was feeling.  I get my daily need of Vitamin A on a regular basis, but in Carrot Juice there is 700% of the daily need, and that is why it is called supplementation.  Getting more than enough can have plenty of brain boosting benefits that will lead to a much better day, and an enjoyable life!  I highly recommend looking into it further and giving carrot juice a try!  Our bodies can do nothing if the brain is foggy or unhealthy!  Healthy brain, healthy body!  Remember where you heard it, and subscribe for when new articles are posted!

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