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Nice shoulders look good with a set of abs

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This is how you get big shoulders!  This video shows you both The Arnold Press and also The Kippa Press.  Both moves are amazing to add to your shoulder building arsenal.   On the Arnold Press you really keep the shoulder blades engaged while working all sides of the deltoid.  On The Kippa Press, by going from a shoulder fly, then externally rotating up into a shoulder press, is great for working the rear delt.  Any external rotation is great for hitting the back side of your shoulder.  You can use cables or rubber bands and really make that muscle behind and above your arm pit pop out!  By hitting the medial deltoid, or middle meaty part of the shoulder, you widen your stance with big shoulders making your waist look slimmer.  Also by pumping up the shoulders, you add cuts to your arms that make you look like one of those toy wrestling figures!

Izabella Falconi shoulders and abs pose!

As for the ladies, I’ve noticed that a lot of you have nice strong legs but really lack shoulder and upper body strength.  I know you don’t want to get big, we know this ladies 😉 but by working shoulders, back, and upper chest from time to time, you will have more muscles drawing energy and burning fat!  You can do these same exercises with 5 lb or 8 lb dumbbells and get results fast! It’s important for everyone male and females to have good posture and upper body strength.  This will lead to your stomach looking leaner as well!

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Full Body Fat Blast Workout For Men and Women!

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This here is my bread and butter full body fat blast workout.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel!  🙂

You probably haven’t had a full body workout like this in a while.  This leaves no muscle untouched.  From head to toe, every muscle will need recovery.  Do you know what that means for calorie burn-age over the next 48 hours.  Yes that is correct, your resting metabolic rate will go up by only the Lord knows, and you will feel hungrier than normal!  This is a good thing because you are not going to overeat and ruin your results right?  Great!  If you are disciplined on your rest/recovery days, and you are eating only what is needed, than stored fat will have to say good bye!

Too many people, including myself sometimes, mess it up on weekends and rest days.  I worked super hard Mon-Fri and let myself enjoy life a little too much on Sat and Sun, and started right back where I was last Monday!  Once I realized that it’s my rest days that bring forth the most change, and call for the most discipline, I kept having fun on weekends, but not from eating and drinking!  When Monday comes back around, not only am I ready to work hard, I am piling on the results from last week.   In other words, this is how you burn fat!

Online Workout Routine
Online Fitness Coaching and Guidance by Coach Kip!

A full body workout like the one above is great for men and women.  Obviously I was trying to show off a little with the weights, but choose a wise weight and keep the exercises the same.  It’s great for men and women of all strengths and skill levels as long as you push yourself to your limit, not someone elses.

The exercise list for this workout is as follows:

  1. Leg Press or Squats: 3-4 sets
  2. Walking Lunges: 2-3 sets
  3. Bench Press or Chest Press Machine: 3 sets
  4. Wide Grip Rows or Row Machine: 3 sets
  5. Pull Ups or Assisted Pull Up machine: 3 sets
  6. Shoulder Press with machine or Dumb Bells: 3 sets
  7. Tricep Push Downs or Pull Downs with Rope: 2-3 sets
  8. Curls with Bar or Dumb Bells: 2-3 sets
  9. Core
  10. Light Cardio


Try this workout at your own risk.  This workout is great, but it is not plateau proof.  No single workout is!  You must switch up your routines frequently to continue to see results.

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