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Here is a fat burning tip for you!

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 Working out legs is a great way to increase caloric expenditure!

By working out the largest muscles you have, your legs, you will blast through calories.  Your legs is what gives you the after burn effect.  Repairing those many muscle fibers takes a lot of energy.  There will be plenty of nutritional and diet advice here on How Do I Get A Six Pack so keep checking back.  There is not one way or one trick to losing weight.  You have to understand a few things.  So first off understand that your legs, either by doing resistance training, or High Intensity Interval Training, is what gets that metabolism way up.  Keep your diet on point.  I know that that is trickier than it seems, but I intend on keeping you informed on what staying on point means.  For example.. my next point about keeping your blood sugar levels low plus keeping your metabolism up is a sure way to burn stored fat!

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