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Start Your Self Improvement Movement Today!

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River in Pfiefer Falls

We all should be striving to be better tomorrow than we are today!  That means we have to grab TODAY by the horns and spend our time wisely.  I believe that if you are growth minded and stay focused on self improvement, than you have more to look forward to everyday waking up.   I’m not saying that it is easy to walk through this world staying focused on the things we want to improve on while responsibilities have there way with us.   But to keep our minds and hearts pointed towards self betterment, will inevitably lead us to improving our lives and the lives of those around us.

Start your Self Improvement Movement Today!   I don’t care how good you think you are Charlie, find what needs improvement and do it!  Just DO IT!  If you need to clean up your eating habits, DO IT!  If you need to stop cursing your brains out in the car, than find some peaceful music to play.  Once you pin point a problem or area of needed improvement, all you need to do is think up a good solution and put it into play!  The problem is,  a lot of people need to work on their laziness in this exact area, and need to work on procrastination!  Believe me, it feels great when you are able to drop some icky traits and replace them with attractive and honorable ones.  Integrity is a good one for most people to look up and work on!  And that includes me!

I’m back on my Self Improvement Movement today!  I may have been improving in areas unknowingly, but I haven’t been focused on it! I like it better when I’m 100% focused on being the best I can be.  I let myself go and be a little self indulgent at times. It feels a lot better when I’m focused, because it gives me joy in knowing that I will be improving on the daily, rather than regressing!  I encourage all who read this to start today, or have your day 1 be tomorrow, and simply try to make every decision be the best one!  Not only for you, but for those around you! Self indulgence will never lead to satisfaction or LIFE!  One good decision leads to another!

Self Discipline is a Godly Trait! We are called to be Like God since we are made in his Image!  Remind yourself that we are here to grow and LIVE and thrive and not perish.  Though like flowers, our physical beauty and glory passes quickly with time, but the work we put into our spirit and the spirit of others (HONORABLE CHARACTER TRAITS) will have a domino effect and a snow ball effect on the future.  Your reward in heaven grows as the people you’ve effected positively go on to effect others, thanks to you!   Stay focused!

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“Your Ultimate Health” E-book Available on Amazon for $4.99

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I want to thank for selecting me as Trainer of the week this week of Jan 12th 2015!  It’s an honor!  To see that spotlight visit this link here –  Adam Kipling Trainer of the Week1382111_10200721856719897_2121738183_n

Coach Kip’s E-book on Amazon for $4.99 

My new E-book “Your 3D_cvr_FinalUltimate Health” – A Complete Guide is now for sale on for only $4.99!  It is very easy to read and follow, packed with easy to grasp accurate knowledge that will have you feeling and looking better right away!  Apply the knowledge from even the first chapter and not only will your quality of life improve, but also those around you!

To pick up your copy visit this link here – Coach Kip’s E-book on Amazon for $4.99  

If you do not have Kindle and want your version as PDF or Word Doc. First Purchase On Amazon and then inform me of your purchase HERE-


If you do not live in the Los Angeles area, I still want to help you and be a part of your success story!  I can coach you via the internet supplying you with nutritional programs and workout programs and guidance to follow thanks to the ever increasing abilities new technologies give to us.  With smart phones and tablets, it is really easy to stay on top of a clients progress from the other side of the country and or WORLD!  If you would like to try being Coached by me online, I will give you 1 week of complete access and guidance for only $1.  Simply shoot me an email – or contact me through my website

Coach Kip’s E-book on Amazon for $4.99 

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