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Portion control is one of the most important factors

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When it comes to your stomach being as flat as possible, doesn’t it make sense that you don’t want to over eat?  Of course it does, but that doesn’t stop us from taking just a few more bites huh?  A few more bites can multiply quickly, I know!  The reason I know this is one of the most important factors is from personal experience.  Portion control is one of the most important practices you can set out to improve upon.  I intend to convince you that what ever you wish to achieve in life, all starts with portion control!  A six pack is going to arrive on your stomach as soon as you get this through your membrane!MarketingMaterialGetRealAppleWebAd

Not only does limiting what you eat at each sitting help you lose weight by consuming less calories,  it has multiple other benefits that can lead to world domination.

  1. It’s better for digestion!  Your inner body likes routine.  Your muscles need confusion to grow, but your inner body likes routine and simplicity.  Digesting only a stomach full of food and no more, gives your body a chance to stay ahead of the game.  Instead of working over time, your body will have much more time and energy for inner tissue repairs, and also fat burning on an accelerated rate!
  2. You will increase in self discipline and self confidence.  Every good decision you make adds up.  Each little victory in your day, helps keep you on track to your goals.  When you have confidence in yourself to achieve what you set out too, that also leads to greater satisfaction.  Each meal you are able to successfully consume without over eating will become easier over time, and more and more rewarding.  Just watch how you start to look and feel after a few days of consistent victories!
  3. Conquer life by putting down the fork when you’ve had enough!  By improving digestion, (creating more energy for yourself), and building self discipline and confidence, you now have the ability to go after more.  Your stomach will not be bloated, you will not be fatigued because of food coma, and you will not be upset with yourself for having no self discipline.  On the other hand, your stomach will be flatter, you will feel so much better day in and day out, and you will believe in yourself for anything you set out to do.


It all starts with watching how much you eat at one time.  If you are able to do that, than you are able to be President of a Country you formed and purchased yourself.  If you only eat what your body needs and that’s it, the World is Yours!  Not to mention a set of Six Pack abs!!

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Can’t go wrong with Eggs and Toast!

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eggs-on-toastFor years charlie, years, I been swearing by eggs and toast!  I think Egg’s and toast may be the best breakfast out there.  Egg’s are super nutritious and beneficial for you.  I wrote an article for about the benefits of eggs right after Justin Bieber paid 80K to his neighbor after ruining who knows how many beautiful eggs!  Check that article out HERE or click on the first eggs mentioned in the article. 🙂 There you will find the great and wonderful nutritious  benefits of eggs!

Anyway,  I’m bringing it back up because I feel amazing every morning after eating 1 egg, a half cup of liquid egg whites, (I buy liquid egg whites because you never want to waste that beautiful yolk) and a slice or two of roast beef, with fresh bread that I toast.  I say fresh bread because you don’t want to buy the packaged and full of preservative bread.  You want the one that goes bad in 2 days;  the one that smells so good when you walk into the grocery store; the one with fresh ingredients!  Use that for your toast with eggs and you’ll be doing your digestive track, and yourself a huge favor.  It’s the difference between being bloated and feeling like crap, and feeling absolutely blissful!

You can even put some organic butter on the toast.  DPoachedEggToaston’t be afraid, this is breakfast, this is what you need!  You can even put some Greek Yogurt and pretend it’s cream cheese.  Hit yourself in the head hard enough and you’ll never know the difference!  It works!

Back to the seriousness of why I brought this up today.  Manny Pacquiao just defeated Chris Algieri by unanimous decision.  On HBO’s 24/7 Chris Algieri said that he is not only a Champion Boxer, he is a professional Nutritionist.  This World Champ Boxer and Nutritionist eats the same thing from breakfast every morning.  Can you take a guess on what it is… of course Charlie it’s  Eggs and Toast!  I’m glad that I’m not crazy!  After all the different foods like oatmeal or cereal, I feel the best after eating eggs and toast in the morning!  Check out my article on for all the benefits of eggs, I don’t want to duplicate material. 🙂

Who cares that Chris got knocked down 6 times.  He’s still a great fighter, he got back up 6 times didn’t he?  He lasted the whole fight right?  It’s gotta be the eggs!  If Coach Kip eats egg’s and toast almost everyday, and so does Chris Algieri, (both from Long Island by the way), I say go ahead and do the same.

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