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Keep that blood sugar level low!

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Here is a holiday tip for you to help keep your fat intake down!

By keeping your blood sugar level on the healthy low side, you will prime your body for burning stored fat!  I am not saying that you should go on a no sugar or carb diet.  That is super dangerous and you can kill yourself trying.  I know that sounds a little drastic , but I really want to warn youKip Website Keepers-184 about the risk of low carb diets.  Your brain needs sugar ok, enough said.  With all that said though, it is when you have too much sugar that your body cannot burn stored fat.  Sugar and carbs do not turn into fat, but rather they inhibit you from burning stored fat.  So if your looking to get a six pack, (which I assume you are because who isn’t right?) than keep your blood sugar level low by cutting out all unnecessary crapola!  You know, common sense stuff!    So follow the other tips on how to keep that metabolism up, and then keep that sugar intake at a level of intelligence buddy!

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