What to do after over eating.

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It was just Thanksgiving yesterday and as usual I over ate.  I can’t overeating2help it!  I allow myself to taste everything you know!  Anyway, I hate the way I feel when my pants are about to pop open.  I am a huge advocate on limiting your portion sizes, and then here I am, pigging out with the Russians.   Yes I had a little vodka, just a little.  I am more of a beer guy, but it’s a very bad idea to mix alcohol and over eating!  I am against these things with a passion, but there are times where it is simply unnavoitable.   Do not make a habit of this, but if it happens once in a while, here is what to do after over eating.

  1. Start drinking lots of water.  You can also drink lots of good detox teas, and believe it or not a little coffee too (Just 1 cup today to help you go 😉 ).  Just make water the main liquid of choice because you are going to need to clean your body out well!
  2. When you wake up, go for as long as you can without eating anything.  Chances are you have plenty of food left in your intestines.  You do not need to add more on top of that.  Burn what you have already for energy.  Wait until 1 pm if you can.
  3. In the meantime keep drinking water, tea, coffee and stay active!
  4. Try taking a table spoon or two  of Apple Cider Vinegar to help digestion and also detox of the liver and kidneys.  Our bodies need all the help they can get. The more natural tricks you know the better!  Warm water and lemon juice is also a good aid to the digestive system.  And don’t forget about Pro Biotics and how great they are for both the immune system and digestion!
  5. The first foods you introduce to your system should be fruits and veggies.  This will give you a great source of natural fiber, vitamins, and also help aid in detoxing the body as well.
  6. Not to be too graphic, but it is a good idea not to eat until you have already gone to the bathroom at least once.  I’m not going into detail here, but doesn’t it make sense that if you stuffed yourself and still haven’t gotten rid of anything yet, maybe your bodies not ready for more?  Just a thought.
  7. Don’t give up on yourself Charlie!  So you over ate and got a little drunk, back to the plan and off we go.  Back to being discipline and back to getting results.  You know if you work hard, you have to balance it out by playing hard once in a while!  🙂
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