Plyometrics burns more fat, hello six pack!

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Plyometrics is a move where you are putting repetitive pressure on the muscle, and also combining that with explosiveness.  An example for the lower body would be squat jumps, step ups, or even jump rope.  This is a video with some ideas for Upper Body Plyometrics.  An example for the upper body would be Hand Clap Push ups, or tossing a medicine ball, and many more.   These types of moves not only use multiple muscle groups (causing maximum caloric expenditure), but they work your muscles in a way so that when you rest you will burn more stored fat!  It’s called the after burn effect and soon you will know all about it! Learn what you can from the video, use the moves, add them to what your doing, and keep checking back here for more!

Coach Kip aka Adam Kipling

You need to have a good understanding of how the body works to get and maintain a low level of body fat.  I intend on having this site cover all you need to know.  Not sure when you’re reading this, but the site is fairly new. It will grow into a place where all fitness heads can come to learn, laugh, and maintain health!

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