Resistance training for legs boosts weight loss!

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The bigger the muscle the more calories, aka energy, it’s going to burn.  That makes sense doesn’t it?   The bigger the car the more gas it burns right?   So then, the bigger the muscle, the faster the weight loss will commence.   People often feel comfortable on the tredmill and enjoy cardio a little bit more than weight resistant training with legs.  Why? Because at first it hurts like crazy!  It always hurts, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing like that first day leg workout soreness.  Don’t worry, you will not be as sore after every workout as you are on the first one.  In fact, you may even get to the point where you aren’t satisfied unless a muscle of yours is sore.

Not to fret, if you workout hard and aren’t sore all the time, you are still getting results!  Don’t forget, after working legs for a while, they will grow in size.  That growth in size will equal more calories being burned by simply walking and living life!  By hitting legs at least once a week, you will always be in a state of repairing, maintaining, and growing.  This is how you burn fat all day!Adam Pic 9

Hit those legs hard!  The harder you hit them, the more results you are going to see EVERYWHERE IN LIFE!  Sounds silly but hear me out.  Working out legs helps boost healthy hormones like HGH which helps us stay young and healthy.  Not only that, but by boosting testosterone and Human Growth Hormone, you will feel less stressed, sleep better, grow healthier muscles, burn more fat, renew and repair better at night, the list goes on!  The bigger the muscle the more of an impact it has on the body!  Look at the size of your legs compared to the muscles on your arm or chest or back!

Don’t worry ladies,  hitting legs for you boosts estrogen, not so much testosterone.  Your body is pretty intelligent, and does a lot on it’s own without your help, so you can trust it.  Hit those legs ladies, and not only keep them looking tighter, but renew your youth by also increasing your Human Growth Hormone Levels.

Just another tip on our journey in getting and keeping our Six Pack Status!  Keep checking back here and subscribe below to How Do I Get A Six Pack

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