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Video Games + Workouts = Results

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This article is especially for those people who have treadmills at home but rarely use them. When humans are engaged in activities that take time and patience like working out, we like to be distracted from the discomforts.  On the other hand, have you ever been so locked into something you are doing, like a brain game, or working on the computer, that time seems to have passed very quickly?  Well, by taking your favorite distraction (for many Americans today that is Candy Crush) and blending it safely with your treadmill workout,  you will feel like you’ve worked out for only 5 minutes, when in reality it’s been 45.  Obviously this doesn’t work with weight training, because you need to focus on the weights, not playing a game,  but when it comes to cardio, any distraction will do.  Why do you think every gym has T.V’s by the cardio section?  To help keep your mind off what your doing! 

Now T.V does it’s job well in distracting people, and if a person chooses to read while walking that is great too!  There is something about playing a game that just makes it a whole lot more fun!  Being stuck on a certain level and being determined to beat it, can have an hour feel like 10 minutes.  It doesn’t have to just be Candy Crush, it can be any game that needs you to focus and make decisions and solve problems.  Not only will being completely locked in make the time go faster, but it has been proven scientifically that our brains burn calories to function. 

It’s true!  Reading, problem solving, and mind games can all help you burn a little more calories!  Our Brains, just like our bodies, need energy to work.  Though, the brain only burns about 20% of our bodies energy,  the harder they work, the more energy they need!  The extra calories your brain will burn alone, is not significant enough to read your way into shape unfortunately.  However, combine a brain game with walking on an incline and you can burn more than 500 calories in a hour just walking!  You can also try this on a stationary bike, elliptical, and even the stair master. It is a little more dangerous, however, on the elliptical and stair master, and you should only try at your own risk.  If you do try to play a brain game on the elliptical or stair master, it will add a level of difficulty to balancing while moving.  If mastered, you will see major improvements to your balance, and also strengthen the stabilizing muscles all up and down your legs.  It works! 

The walking on an incline is also an important key to burning lots of calories.  Adding more strain on the leg muscles has been proven to maximize caloric expenditure.  Pick an incline that is challenging for you, but not too crazy.  Feel free to adjust speed and incline as you feel necessary.  This also works out great on a stationary bike!  By adjusting the resistance, will multiply the amount of calories you are burning!


Pick your favorite distracting game that engages your brain heavily.  If you own a treadmill at home, get on it every time you want to play that game.  If you are at the gym,  pick your calorie burning tool of choice (treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, or stair master).  Make sure the incline or resistance is challenging, but also at a level you can stay at a while.  Play your game for an hour or more.  Exercise your brain and your legs at the same time and burn hundreds of extra calories today!

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