“Your Ultimate Health” E-book Available on Amazon for $4.99

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I want to thank HandstandApp.com for selecting me as Trainer of the week this week of Jan 12th 2015!  It’s an honor!  To see that spotlight visit this link here –  Adam Kipling Trainer of the Week1382111_10200721856719897_2121738183_n

Coach Kip’s E-book on Amazon for $4.99 

My new E-book “Your 3D_cvr_FinalUltimate Health” – A Complete Guide is now for sale on Amazon.com for only $4.99!  It is very easy to read and follow, packed with easy to grasp accurate knowledge that will have you feeling and looking better right away!  Apply the knowledge from even the first chapter and not only will your quality of life improve, but also those around you!

To pick up your copy visit this link here – Coach Kip’s E-book on Amazon for $4.99  

If you do not have Kindle and want your version as PDF or Word Doc. First Purchase On Amazon and then inform me of your purchase HERE- HollywoodFitness365@gmail.com


If you do not live in the Los Angeles area, I still want to help you and be a part of your success story!  I can coach you via the internet supplying you with nutritional programs and workout programs and guidance to follow thanks to the ever increasing abilities new technologies give to us.  With smart phones and tablets, it is really easy to stay on top of a clients progress from the other side of the country and or WORLD!  If you would like to try being Coached by me online, I will give you 1 week of complete access and guidance for only $1.  Simply shoot me an email –HollywoodFitness365@gmail.com or contact me through my website www.HowToBurnFat.us

Coach Kip’s E-book on Amazon for $4.99 

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